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Wed, Oct. 21

Letter: Youth are not losing rec center

Youth are not losing rec center

To the editor:

The proposed 3-D Theater is still trying to find a place in Williams. Meetings with Burlington Northern failed to produce a viable location in close proximity to city property. The developers are now looking at several sites in the downtown area. These sites include a location on city property. If this site is to be considered, then the developers will have to go through several of our city processes, the first being a bidding process that is required by law. This would be an RFP or Request for Proposal. This would be opened to the public for 60 days and any proposals of use for the property would be looked at and the best interests of the city would then be looked at.

I have heard several rumors that the council is either tearing down the youth recreation center or giving the 3-D theater a sweet deal in regards to a lease for the property. Neither of these is true. The only way we would relocate the youth recreation center is if we have another building for them to relocate to. Nothing is currently in the plans to do so. In regards to the lease, we must follow the law and make available to the public the opportunity to propose uses for public land. After a use is decided upon then a lease has to be done that will be appraised to make sure it is fair to both the city and the business involved. Current market values will be used and all of these items will have to pass through our lawyers to make sure it is fair to all.

The conjecture on where a theater will be located is premature. We are currently waiting for the developer to propose a site and plan for the council to look at and make some decisions upon. There isn't a current plan or proposal submitted to the city for review. If this happens it will take place in an open council meeting for the public to participate in. As information becomes available it will be made public.

Williams Mayor Ken Edes

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