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Sun, Sept. 19

The vehicle reconditioner
High Country Detailing brings a new amenity to Williams

Joel Masson stands beside his traveling detailing shop. High Country Detailing offers residents of Williams and the surounding area a chance to have local detailing brought right to their vehicle.

Joel Masson stands beside his traveling detailing shop. High Country Detailing offers residents of Williams and the surounding area a chance to have local detailing brought right to their vehicle.

Many area residents have undoubtedly noticed a new addition to the streets of Williams in recent weeks. That addition, a white trailer with what looks like a fully contained cleaning operation, has been a regular sight in the area. And cleaning is quite close to the truth when it comes to the duties of High Country Auto Detailing.

Owner Joel Masson, who recently began the service for Williams and the surrounding area, said his auto reconditioning is a service that is not offered anywhere else in the Williams area.

"I really enjoy it," Masson said. "I've been doing it on and off for about 10 years and it's really fun to take someone's vehicle and basically take it from where it's at and just make it look that much better A dirty car is not too fun to drive in. It's nice to have a clean car. It's a pretty thorough job, depending on the condition of the vehicle. If you haven't cleaned this thing out in six months and you've got a bunch of kids, a full service detail can take me probably eight or nine hours."

Masson begins his workday around 7:30 in the morning. He said he likes to arrive early in order to get set up. He currently offers his business Monday through Saturday.

"I'm fully contained. I have a generator to provide power for all of my tools. I have a big industrial vacuum I use. It's also a wet dry vac, so I use it for all of my steam cleaning. I also have my water tank and I bring deionized water, basically filtered water. It's just cleaner than regular tap water. It reduces, if not eliminates, a lot of the water spotting issues that typically happen with regular water. I have my pressure washer and I use that to wash the vehicles."

Masson explained the art of auto reconditioning.

"What I basically do is I offer different packages and I can do different things, but the gist of it is (if) someone hires me and they want the full outside done and the inside done. I'll show up and I've got my trailer and I can go pretty much wherever they're at," Masson said.

"The inside will get vacuumed, all the plastic and vinyl, leather will get cleaned and then treated so that it preserves the plastic, preserves and conditions the leather and then I follow that by shampooing and steam cleaning the carpets and the upholstery if it's cloth seats. For the outside, it's like the standard package, (which) would include a polish and a wax. All the door jams get all cleaned, all the rubber on the doors, the door jams get cleaned and treated, the tires and the wheel wells get all done. Before I do any of that, I of course wash the car and, depending on how long it's been or where it's from, I have this clay; I'll basically wash the car and I rub this clay over it and it actually removes any little micro pieces of industrial waste. It's basically little pieces of metal that gets in the air and they can settle on the car and they can get into the clear coat. Before they do that, this clay will just take them off."

Masson said he discovered the clay compound after living in southern California and offers it to northern Arizona residents as part of his full service package. Masson added that custom packages are also offered, depending on an individual's needs.

"I discovered (the clay) 10 years ago when I was living in southern California. I was living near the airport and I came out in a white jeep. After like a month the top of it was brown.," Masson said.

Without going as far as to call his service "toothbrush" cleaning, Masson said he does actually utilize one or two brushes in his work.

"I do have toothbrushes that I use - especially on the front dash. Food and coffee gets spilled everywhere, I find that typically most things that end up on the floor is dirt and coffee, some kind of drink that got spilled. One of the nice things is that I am licensed and insured and that's one the biggest things - is being insured," Masson said. "I think that any town where people have cars needs someone to do detail, because to really get that quality with the sealants, the cleaning and dressing of the interior, it takes time and I think that people would rather spend their time with other things rather than washing and cleaning their car."

High Country Automotive Detailing offers free estimates to their clients. Pricing options can also be found on the company's Web site at For more information on the company, contact Masson at (928) 853-2813.

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