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Sat, April 04

Letters to the editor

Looking forward to future

fireworks shows

To the editor:

To say the least, the "Fourth Fire" is regrettable. On the other hand I feel that the mayor, city council, city manager and Fire Chief Parenteau are to be commended for having the intestinal fortitude to schedule the annual fireworks show.

They are to be further commended for their diligent preventative measures and coordination with appropriate agencies and volunteers to protect life and property in the event of problems. And when it became evident there was a problem, they are also to be commended for their immediate decision to cancel the program.

Williams is known state-wide for its exceptional Fourth of July fireworks show and people come from far and wide to witness the spectacle and honor our country's birth. What does this mean to the people of Williams? According to Police Chief Nixon, several thousand visitors were in Williams on the Fourth for the festivities. The purchases they made while visiting Williams generated considerable sorely needed revenue to provide the services, water, and maintenance of infrastructure that all of the Williams citizens demand from the city.

The Williams Rotary Club also realized a substantial amount from their activities that is dedicated toward scholarships for the education of Williams school children. These were some of the factors considered during their deliberations. With the best interests of the community in mind It was a calculated risk but not one lightly taken.

The immediate response of the pre-positioned fire personnel from several fire departments and the Forest Service immediately contained the fire. This was the result of good planning, coordination, preparation and execution.

On a final note, the Williams volunteer fire fighters are as good as any in the state and we rely on them daily to protect our lives and property. On the Fourth they again proved themselves up to the task. With good people like these looking after the safety and best interests of Williams I look forward to future Fourth of July fireworks shows.

Al Richmond


Kudos to the city for safe Fourth of July

To the editor:

Every year, hundreds of fireworks displays occur all over the western United States, and, every year in the month of July, there has always been and always will be fire danger. Reality is risk is associated with any type of public event. The difference from many other events across the country is the fact that the city of Williams decision was well planned and they were well prepared.

It is clear that the city staff and the city council took the time to do research, consulted the surrounding fire departments and the US Forest Service. After moving the show to a safer location, they had over 100 firefighters, two hot shot crews, and five engines on stand-by. The city was alert and responsive. A half-acre burned, and out of the 1,500 plus attendees, no one was injured and the show was ended when it was apparent that the winds were picking up in the area.

Kudos should be given to the city of Williams for good planning, good decision-making and for trying to provide a safe Fourth of July celebration for its residents.

Kurt Davis


Thank you, city leaders, for serving my hometown

To the editor:

I am responding to the negative press found in the Arizona Daily Sun, as well as the negative letters to the editor found in the Williams News regarding the Fourth of July fireworks display.

I make judgments on leaders' decisions based on facts, reasoning and outcome not "what could have happened." Facts resulting from the display consist of the following:

1. A fire took place that burned less than one acre.

2. Your economy was stimulated.

3. No civilians or firefighters were injured.

4. Four federal subpoenas were issued.

5. Our federal tax dollars will be used for the U.S. District Office and staff to investigate.

I feel it was reasonable for the leaders of your community to approve the fireworks display based on the amount of fire resources on hand. However, I believe the using of federal monies to investigate "non-criminal, injury free," local fireworks displays should be questioned.

To the mayor, city council, city manager and fire chief: I thank you for serving my hometown!

Michael E. Hutchins


Williams should be proud

To the editor:


People wanting city leaders to resign over a decision to have fireworks? Do you know how many people and organizations were in on the planning and decision making for this event? I am so proud of the volunteers who gave their time and effort to plan and organize a great Fourth of July tradition! From those who were directing traffic to those who contained the fire I extend a big thank you!

Be proud Williams. Your parade was great, your businesses were ready for a crowd and you were prepared and had great people watching out for your enjoyment as well as your safety!

Dave Noffz


Deer suffered needlessly

To the editor:

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to the Game and Fish Department for their immediate response (less than 45 minutes). An officer was on scene to evaluate a young deer in distress, The officer was forced to put the deer out of its misery shortly after 10 p.m. July 4.

What I'm complaining about is this young deer could have been spared 13 hours of suffering if one person had followed through at 9 a.m. July 4. I was volunteering at the Visitor's Center when I called the Williams Police Department. The person was given good details on the situation and good directions, and I was told an officer would be dispatched to evaluate the deer in distress.

If I had known to call Game and Fish at 9 a.m., it would have been done. The end results may have been the same minus the animal's needless suffering.

Shirley Sturgill


Valle-Wood arrives promptly

To the editor:

I recently had the need to call the Valle-Wood Fire Department regarding an open fire on my neighbor's property in this very dry season. I would like to congratulate the department on their prompt and professional response. They were on the scene within 30 minutes (I am about 10 miles away) and they handled the problem quickly and with professional courtesy and skill.

Thank you for speedy attention.

Carolyn Smith


Valle has a fire department

To the editor:

I have a comment in regard to Valle Fire and Rescue's letter to the editor.

Valle already has a fire department, Valle-Wood Volunteer Fire Department! As a Valle business owner, resident and fire department board member, I have never heard of Valle HOA or Valle Fire and Rescue. Isn't one understaffed, under-funded department enough?

If you have any questions regarding VWVFD or would like to volunteer, please call (928) 635-4702.

We hope to see everybody on Sept. 1 for the Labor Day Bash in Valle, for Valle!

Jami Baldosky


Railway hosts lifesaving

training class

To the editor:

I just wanted to write a letter to let you and your readers know about a recent generous act by Ervin White, trainmaster of Grand Canyon Railway.

GCR allowed Life Line Ambulance to user its beautiful facilities for our most recent quarterly training session June 29. Our Williams station is a little too small to fit all 15 of our team members, plus the instructors. Ervin's generosity allowed us to meet as one large group, share ideas and, most importantly, practice and update our skills. The railway's hospitality of providing the room for a few hours helped us achieve this vital objective, which helps us fulfill our mission of providing exceptional customer service to the citizens of Williams.

It's neighbors like Ervin and GCR who make serving Williams such a pleasure.

Cheryl Smith


Life Line Ambulance

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