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Wed, July 01

Middle school awards mark end of the year

More than 50 middle school students received honors last week at the end-of-year awards ceremony. Awards were given for participation and academic and character achievements and included a new top honor this year ­ the Discovery Award.

According to Dean of Students Becky Crumbo, the Discovery Award recognizes a student for "embracing and living the tenants of mutual respect, integrity and open and honest communication and for pursuing a vision of excellence."

Eighth-grader Monique Streit was the first recipient. She was also named valedictorian as well as the American Legion Top Female eighth-grade student. Keslee Foster was named salutatorian.

The American Legion Top Male eighth grade student was Daniel Celis. He was also named Outstanding Middle School Artist ­ the only art award given this year and the first time that art teacher Amy McBroom has given this award. Though she wasn't present for the ceremony, Crumbo spoke on her behalf, praising Celis' dedication and determination to redo projects until he was satisfied with the result.

Another first-time award was the Golden Girl Award, given to Madison Berry by phys ed and health teacher Dan Lopez. The award, he said, was to recognize the middle school girl with the most potential for a successful athletic and academic career in high school.

Sixth grader Dulce Jaime won the drawing for an iPod. Students who had no focus visits, no detentions and no suspensions for two semesters were eligible. These were Monique Streit, Patrick Shields, Keslee Foster, Tasha Ray, Chrystal Robinson, Ashley Boone, Craig Bowman, Madison Berry, Chelsea Curtis, Brandie Gomez, Dustin Curley, Jerman Valerio, Jose Araiza, Hailey Ingols, Lisa Boone, John Kissner, Savannah McBroom-Sweeney, Miriam Lopez, Cassidy Schoblom, Kaine Kennedy, Terrena Ben, Ben Shanks, Carina Lebedeva, Kelsey Wren, Susanna Ibarra and Heather Kerr

Most Improved Student, awarded by Kay Bordwell, was sixth-grader William Donley

Language Arts

Lori Rommel

Grade Six

Rigorous Reader Award: Shawn Harris, Dulce Jaime, Heather Kerr, Carina Lebedeva, Samantha Rooney, Stacey Youyetewa

Excellence in Writing: Shawn Harris, Dustin Curley

Most Improved: Winston Gallagher, Carina Lebedeva, Bethany Brown

Grade 7

Awesome Amelioration Award: Ashley Boone, Nicki Dailey, Devin Silas, Cesar Valencia

Eloquence in Writing Award: Chrystal Robinson, Kelsey Wren, Craig Bowman, Cassidy Schoblom, Terrena Ben

Rigorous Reader Award: Cassidy Schoblom, Nicki Dailey, Craig Bowman, Ashley Boone

Grade 8

Amicable Attitude Award: Monique Streit, Lisa Boone, Stephanie Begay, Daniel Celis

Astounding Advancement Award: Temo Galicia, Angela Garcia, Veronica Garcia, Cuco Jaime

Rigorous Reader Award: Angela Garcia, Temo Galicia, Cuco Jaime, Monique Streit, Andrea Soriano, Steven Youyetewa, Tasha Ray, Veronica Garcia

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