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Thu, Jan. 23

School board candidate profiles-Oscar Fredrickson

Oscar Fredrickson

Oscar Fredrickson

Grand Canyon Hotel co-owner Oscar Fredrickson has a deep interest in finding ways of getting Williams Unified School District graduates to stay within the community, and says that's one of the reasons he has decided to run for a seat on the district's governing board.

"As a small businessman in the community, I know that education is a very important part of keeping quality people within the community," Fredrickson said, adding that quality educational facilities would help attract more financial growth.

Fredrickson said he feels that now is a good time for change on the board, citing issues such as staff retention. It has been reported recently that two of the district's new administrators ‹Tom McCraley and Donny Bridges ‹ may be retiring at the end of the new school year and Fredrickson wants to be part of the new-hire process.

"I don't think the board should be finite in hiring from bus drivers on up, but I think if you hired the right superintendent, it filters down and I want to be a part of that process," Fredrickson said.

Issues of importance are plenty for Fredrickson. They include ‹ among many others ‹ creating an atmosphere that attracts quality staff, instituting vocational internship programs, having certain board members handle issues that pertain to their expertise, instituting community housing for teachers, having a closed campus, starting a welcoming committee for new students, instituting curriculum that focuses on local interests, and fiscal responsibility for the district.

"Generally speaking, there's always fiscal waste of some type," Fredrickson said.

The qualifications Fredrickson feels make him a good candidate are derived from his business and management experiences, which he says leads to fiscal responsibility. He also feels that his skills as a negotiator can help bring out hidden talents of colleagues and that his strongest assets are his compatibility with others and his willingness to be actively involved.

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