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Sun, Sept. 19

Williams Little League swinging hard
Summer baseball, softball season is in full swing

Williams Little League majors division Storm pitcher Andrew Pavlick launches another one at the June 7 14-4 win over Ash Fork.

Williams Little League majors division Storm pitcher Andrew Pavlick launches another one at the June 7 14-4 win over Ash Fork.

Bats are cracking and pitches are flying all over town as Williams Little League teams get into the full swing of summer baseball and softball.

There are four different categories this year ‹ tee ball for ages 5-6, the minors for ages 7-11, the majors for ages 9-12, and girls' softball.

Tee ball has five teams including one from Seligman, one from Parks, one from Ash Fork, and three from Williams ‹ the Astros and the Diamondbacks. Minors teams, of which there are six, include the Pirates (Parks), the Cubs (Ash Fork), the A's (Seligman), and three Williams teams ‹ the Astros, the Diamondbacks, and the Tigers. The five majors teams include Ash Fork, Grand Canyon, and three Williams teams ‹ the Storm, the Wildcats, and the Scrappers. Girls softball includes a team from Ash Fork, one from Seligman, and one from Williams.

The majors teams are almost done with their season while the other four divisions are just starting theirs.

Last week, the Storm won over Ash Fork in Williams 14-4 on June 7. Andrew Pavlick pitched all five innings of the game, which was called on the mercy rule. Coach Tiger Grantham gave accolades to players Jonson Curry and Adrian Solano for doing well at the plate. On June 8, it was Steve Sherwood's Wildcats team that scratched up the Storm in a close eight-inning 22-20 match.

"It was, by far, the best game we've played this year," coach Steve Sherwood said.

Darius Brown pitched the first two innings, then Ty Sherwood picked up the remaining six. The two also did well at the plate. Sherwood went five for five and Brown hit the fence with one of his connects. Georgie Gauna knocked in a ground rule double.

"Everybody hit the ball well," the coach said.

With the loss, Grantham's Storm went just one shy of breaking last year's 29-game win streak with 29 wins in a row this season before the Wildcats game. Pavlick and Terry Fuller were both mentioned for their efforts at the plate, especially with Fuller's out-of-the-park home run. The Storm now holds an 11-1 record with one more game to go on June 15.

In the tee ball division, the Astros, coached by Scott Dent, and the D-Backs, coached by Jason Olson, both had their first games on June 6. All tee ball games end with a tie score, but Olson says his D-Backs team did well with all the kids getting hits.

All the minors division teams had their first games on June 6 as well. The D-Backs and Astros played in Williams while the Tigers played at Seligman. Frank Kramer coaches the minors D-Backs and reported his team won against the Parks Pirates 4-3. The minors division uses a pitching machine and Kramer gave mention to Isaac Brent and Taylor Kramer, who hit a double to bring in Brent for the winning run.

Meanwhile, the Williams girls softball team, whose season started June 2, played Ash Fork on June 7. No score was available for that game at press time.

The Williams girls are home against Seligman tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., while in the majors, the Scrappers have their next contest against the Storm at 6 p.m. tonight.

The next games in the minors are tonight starting at 5:30 at Cureton Park with the Tigers versus the Pirates and the Astros versus the D-Backs.

Tee ball plays tonight as well with the Astros against Seligman in Williams at 5 p.m. and the D-Backs at Ash Fork, also at 5 p.m.

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