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Fri, June 05

Taylor wins primary for county seat<br>

Locally, 74 people voted at Grand Canyon with 39 for Weisskopf and 35 for Taylor. Tusayan voters chose Taylor over Weisskopf 14 to 7, with one write-in. Taylor will face Libertarian candidate Dick Ambler in November.

Overall, voter turnout was low. Of Tusayan’s 336 registered voters, less than 35 turned out. Of Grand Canyon’s 795 registered voters, fewer than 100 voted. On the North Rim, fewer than five of the precinct’s 22 voters turned out.

Results of contested races:

• U.S. Representative, District 1, Democrat: Paul Babbitt won handily over Bob Donahue, carrying almost 85 percent of the County with 7,658 votes to Donahue’s 1,419 votes. Local results: Tusayan – 22 votes, 11 for Babbitt, 11 for Donahue. Grand Canyon – 82 votes, 71 for Babbitt and 11 for Donahue. Grand Canyon North Rim – two votes, both for Babbitt. Babbitt faces the incumbent, Republican Rick Renzi, in November.

• State Representative District 1 Democrat: Wesley L. Edmonds edged out James Kimes by only 102 votes, with Edmonds tallying 1,143. Local results: Tusayan – 24 voters, 11 for Kimes, 10 for Edmonds and three write-ins. Grand Canyon – 91 votes, 51 for Edmonds, 40 for Kimes. Kimes faces Republican candidate Tom O’Halleran and Libertarian candidate Allan Briney in November.

• State Representative, District 1 Republican: Tom O’Halleran narrowly beat Lucy Mason, with 1,158 votes to Mason’s 1,021. Local results: Tusayan – 32 votes, 17 for O’Halleran, 14 for Mason and one write-in. Grand Canyon – 37 votes, 20 for Mason, 17 for O’Halleran. O’Halleran faces Democratic candidate Wesley L. Edmonds and Libertarian candidate Allan Briney in November.

• State Representative District 2, Democrat: With 4,428 votes, Ann Kirkpatrick beat Albert Tom’s 1,927 votes and Bev Becenti-Pigman’s 1,673. Only North Rim voters participated in this race. Three voted, with two for Kirkpatrick and one for Becenti-Pigman. Ann Kirkpatrick runs unopposed in November.

• Corporation Commission 2007 Republican: Kris Mayes beat Carl Seel, 2,081 to 1,306. Local results: Tusayan – 21 votes, 13 for Mayes, eight for Seel. Grand Canyon – 25 votes, 15 for Mayes and 10 for Seel. There were no votes from the North Rim. Mayes runs unopposed in November.

• Corporation Commission 2009 Republican: Jeff Hatch-Miller netted 2,504 votes, topping Mike Gleason’s 2,345 and Bill Mundell’s 2,306. Local results: Tusayan – 29 votes with 14 for Hatch-Miller, eight for Gleason and seven for Mundell. Grand Canyon – 55 votes, with 20 for Hatch-Miller, 19 for Gleason and 16 for Mundell. No votes were reported from the North Rim.

• Corporation Commission 2009 Democrat: Scott Clark won with 4,699 votes, followed by Nina Transoff with 4,607 and Mark Manoil with 3,915. Local results: Tusayan – 32 voters with 11 for Transoff, 10 for Clark, nine for Manoil, and two write-ins. Grand Canyon – 117 votes, 41 for Transoff, 40 for Clark and 36 for Manoil. North Rim voters didn’t weigh in on this race either. Clark and Hatch-Miller vie for the seat in November.

• Coconino County Sheriff, Democrat: Bill Pribil netted 4,551 votes to top Terry Lawson’s 4,276. There were also 19 write-ins. Local results: Tusayan – 19 votes, with 11 for Lawson and eight for Bill Pribil. Grand Canyon – 69 votes, 40 for Lawson and 29 for Pribil.

• Superior Court Division 3 Democrat: Mark R. Moran beat Dan Slayton. Local results: Tusayan – 21 votes, 13 for Slayton eight for Moran. Grand Canyon –  70 votes, 41 for Slayton, 29 for Moran. North Rim – one vote, cast for Moran. Moran runs unopposed in November.

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