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Sat, Dec. 05

Letter to the Editor<br>Meaning of ‘Anyone But Bush” clarified<br>

To the editor:

We’ve read that Democrats are not fully behind John Kerry and that the phrase “Anybody But Bush” reflects our wishy-washy dissatisfaction. I would like to clear up that misconception.

“Anybody But Bush” is a phrase that you’ll hear from people who fervently believe that George Bush’s presidency is so destructive nationally and internationally that it’s beyond the pale. In truth, the phrase “Anybody But Bush” is an indictment of this administration and does not reflect how Democrats feel about John Kerry as a candidate.

How is it possible that in a bitter presidential contest that is focused on issues of “character and values,” the American people are so easily duped by a man who says one thing and does another repeatedly and without any real repercussion to himself or his administration? This is a character trait that is unacceptable and the hypocrisy and deceit have caused real damage to our national credibility, not to mention the environment, health, civil liberties, rights and safety of Americans and the world. People need only to read a bit to find out the level of deceit that this administration shovels to us. Say one thing and do another: how can it be possible that so many have been so easily manipulated?

Please remember: These guys work for us, and as citizens it’s our right and obligation to question anyone in authority and demand accountability! This is important to remember because then you can take a look at what they are saying vs what they are doing and think critically.

It’s also crucial that we all consider more than one issue when we cast our votes in November, because after it’s all said and done, whoever is in office will be making decisions on a wide variety of policy on our behalf. This is a big-picture decision.

People are struggling with our right to dissent against an administration that is very selective regarding honestly representing facts and insists on presenting a rosy picture when we can see and comprehend that we have some real hard decisions and work ahead of us. This administration’s pathological and deceitful “optimism” needs to be tempered with some realism and honesty, which is not the same thing as pessimism as they would have us think. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “What country can preserve its liberties if the rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” Compare this to “you are either with us or against us.” Anybody But Bush indeed.

Rene Westbrook

Grand Canyon

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