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Sat, Sept. 26

Parking ordinance during snow removal to be enforced at all times<br>

City crews remove windrows — snow piles in the middle local roads — the day after the Oct. 28 snowfall. City officials are reminding individuals that it is illegal to park on city streets while snow removal is in progress.

To prevent trouble, city personnel recommend that people parked on the street move their vehicles as soon as possible at the first sign of snowfall.

As the scenario goes, Williams’ Public Works Department monitors accumulation once snowfall or freezing precipitation begins and alerts city employees. When three inches or more snowfall is predicted, crews will break out the plow trucks.

The city’s general plan during ice/snow removal is to hit crucial emergency-use areas first, such as the Williams Health Care Center, Williams Volunteer Fire Department stations, WPD, and the city’s major thoroughfares, including Route 66 and Railroad Avenue.

Next, crews will plow downtown routes, adjacent side streets, and school bus routes. Then other roads and outlying areas are plowed, and finally the airport. Snow removal vehicles return to the city shop for servicing once roads are open while — if needed — cinder trucks begin their assigned routes.

Finally, snow removal vehicles will return to the streets to remove windrows — displaced snow piled up in the middle or sides of roads — in the same order as the initial snow removal.

Be aware, however, that city law stipulates certain snow removal procedures must be undertaken by residents and businesses as well. Those procedures mainly center around sidewalk clearing.

Williams City Code, article 8-7.02 states that any person or persons in charge of a building or lot with a paved sidewalk must clear ice/snow from the sidewalk for a 36-inch-wide path. Businesses must clear adjoining or fronting sidewalks with 24 hours after the cessation of snowfall, sleet or freezing rain. Home or lot owners must clear their sidewalks within the first six hours of daylight after precipitation ends. The ordinance also allows that if the snow/ice so too hard to remove without damaging the sidewalk, then the person or persons in charge must at least lay down sand or other abrasive to make travel as safe as possible.

Failure to abide by the above sidewalk ordinance will result in the person or persons responsible being billed for the cost of having city crews do the work, plus 10 percent.

For more information on the city’s snow removal plan, contact city staff at 635-4451.

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