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Wed, May 27

<center>Rangers' Log</center>

During the period of April 5-8, U.S. Park Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park responded to the following incidents:

Monday, April 5

• Rangers responded to a report of a vehicle fire on Barry Hance Circle. A resident put it out before Engine 1 arrived.

• Rangers patrolled with horses Sage and Toby from El Tovar to Headquarters, Market Plaza and residential areas, then back to the barn. They made multiple positive visitor contacts and gave one verbal warning to a driver using the wrong side of the road. They also responded to the Barry Hance Circle vehicle fire for traffic control.

• Numerous separated parties were reported and all were safely reunited.

• A visitor at Xanterra Engineering was transported to Flagstaff Medical Center after complaining of chest pain and difficulty breathing.

• A visitor at Park Headquarters was taken to Flagstaff Medical Center after complaining of chest pain and difficulty breathing.

• A train passenger was taken to the Grand Canyon Clinic after complaining of chest pain.

• A New Mexico man arrested here was taken before the U.S. Magistrate for an initial appearance.

• An employee at the Xanterra main laundry facility was taken to Grand Canyon Clinic for evaluation after she suffered a ground-level fall.

•A camper set up out of bounds at the old Chevron gas station was given a verbal warning and decided to move out of the park.

• Rangers assisted a rim-to-rim hiker who was unable to find his vehicle at the South Kaibab Trailhead.

• After responding to a noise complaint at Victor Annex, rangers discussed the noise issue with the parties involved.

• Rangers resolved a dispute at Mather Campground after a visitor reported that his reserved site was taken by another party.

• A man complaining of a severely abscessed tooth with associated pain and swelling was evacuated from a river trip at the confluence of the Little Colorado River.

• After a day hike on the South Kaibab Trail, a man reported that his 67-year-old sister was overdue. Rangers hiked down the trail and found the woman a quarter of a mile below the rim. Her brother had somehow hiked past her on his way out of the Canyon.

Tuesday, April 6

• Kevin Downey of the Zuni, New Mexico, public school system, was cited for collecting and burning firewood in the Mather Campground. After he was cited, Downey provided a resource protection lecture to the school group he was leading.

• A driver of a village shuttle bus was issued a verbal warning after a visitor reported seeing the bus being driven unsafely. Investigation yielded no firm probable cause to support a citation.

• A motorcycle was reported to have hit an illegally-parked sedan. There was no damage, and the motorcyclist and the vehicle owner declined to file an insurance report.

• A Sioux Falls, Idaho, woman; a Bloomdale, Ill., man; and three businesses were cited for illegal parking.

• A bicycle reported stolen from a Trailer Village RV site was returned to its owner after it was found hidden in the woods.

• A 79-year-old man on a bus tour was transferred by helicopter to Flagstaff Medical Center after complaining of dizziness and shortness of breath.

• Rangers aided the Department of Public Safety in its investigation of an altercation in the long vehicle line outside the South Entrance station.

• Two buses got into a minor accident at the Yavapai parking lot. Conditions at the time were reported as very busy and tight.

• A 7-year-old girl staying at Maswik Lodge reported severe abdominal pain and was taken by ambulance to Flagstaff Medical Center.

• Barbara Cicinato was cited for disorderly conduct at Maswik Bar.

• Desert View Market employees reported that jewelry was stolen from a display in the store. Investigation was continuing.

• Rangers investigated a report of a suspicious male outside Maswik Lodge.

• A 50-year-old man was flown out of the Flint Creek area above Shimumo Creek with a broken foot, then taken by ambulance from the South Rim Helibase to the Grand Canyon Clinic. The man had injured his foot two days prior and could no longer bear his weight. His partner hiked to the river and called for help using a river company’s satellite phone.

• A man having difficulty breathing was treated and moved by NPS ambulance from Yavapai Observation Station to the South Rim Helibase. There, he was in cardiac emergency and was flown to Flagstaff Medical Center. Because the family was part of a tour group and had no means to travel to Flagstaff, a ranger transported them to be with their loved one.

Wednesday, April 7

• Four adults were arrested for outstanding warrants and taken to court.

• Two girl were separated from their mother at Yavapai Point. The parties found each other before rangers made contact.

• An elk was hit and killed near the east boundary at Desert View. The vehicle that hit the elk left the scene before rangers arrived.

• A 13-year-old boy was monitored at Grand Canyon Clinic after complaining of light-headedness, wheezing and difficulty breathing. He refused further treatment or transfer to a hospital.

• A 59-year-old man was reunited with his family after they had gotten separated.

• A 12-year-old boy was stung by a scorpion near the Phantom Ranch dorms.

• A hot water line broke in the Phantom Ranger Station, causing moderate flooding.

• A 46-year-old woman was evacuated from South Canyon on the Colorado River after experiencing gastrointestinal problems, nausea, vomiting and fever. She was flown to the Grand Canyon Airport because of visibility issues at the South Rim Helibase, then transported to Grand Canyon Clinic.

• Nine Junior Rangers were sworn in at Phantom Ranch.

• A pipeline break was reported a mile north of Cottonwood Ranger Station.

Thursday, March 8

• Some hikers were educated by rangers after they went over the wall at El Tovar in search of the perfect picnic spot.

• A man was cited for parking in a handicapped spot without a handicapped placard.

• A California man was cited for camping at Bright Angel Campground without a permit.

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