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Mon, Feb. 24

Dogtown III water supply abundant<br>

The drilling rig at the Dogtown III well site is being dismantled this week after attempts to obtain a viable well have proven to be successful.

United Drilling, Inc. of Roswell, N.M. began preparing to leave the area July 18 after it was discovered that the Dogtown III well will be a viable source for water. Work crews are dismantling the drilling rig and clearing the area.

“I am optimistic that this is a preliminary historical break for Williams. This well has the potential to supply the town with twice the water the other wells each do on their own,” said city of Williams Manager Dennis Wells. “Coupled with the other two wells, we have the potential to produce close to one million gallons of water per day.”

Bucket tests were performed earlier in the week to measure a flow rate for the water sitting in Dogtown III. Preliminary tests look hopeful. The tests reflected that once a pump is installed, the well could produce between 400-500 gallons of water per minute. The other two wells produce 225-250 gallons per minute, said Wells.

“We got water. At 10 a.m. this morning (July 18) the well was pumping at a rate of 200 gallons per minute,” said Williams Mayor Ken Edes.

A pump will not be installed immediately since funding is not available to purchase a pump, pipeline or electricity to the well site. The drilling of the well and other costs totaled $2.1 million. At this time, it is not necessary to obtain water from the well due to Williams’ reservoirs possessing 10-11 percent of the 894 million-gallon capacity in addition to the monsoon activity throughout northern Arizona, said Wells.

The well will be allowed to sit with no activity for a minimum of three days to allow debris and water to settle. A video camera will be sent into the well to determine where rock formations exist below the casing and to identify static water. Once the well has settled, a standpipe will be installed and the well head secured, said Wells.

If water is needed from the well, a pump can be installed and the well operational within 30 days. At this time, city officials are pursuing other avenues for funding to defray the final costs of completing the well. A pump is needed in addition to a pipeline and electricity to the well site, Wells said.

The Dogtown I well site is only one mile away and is a “straight shot” to Dogtown III. Wells praised the foresight of the individuals involved in the development of Dogtown I. Sufficient electrical service was installed at Dogtown I, staging the capability to pump water from multiple wells simultaneously.

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