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Tue, Aug. 03

Third-grader wins<br>school spelling bee

After missing out on an opportunity to win the Grand Canyon School Spelling Bee in the eighth round, third-grader Bernie Ortiz was hoping for another chance.

Grand Canyon spelling bee coordinator Nancy Green has a smile and a handshake for champion Bernie Ortiz Thursday. Ortiz, a third-grader, correctly spelled ‘blissful’ and ‘agreeable’ to outduel seventh-grader Scott McClelland for first place.

Ortiz got the chance in the 10th round when seventh-grader Scott McClelland missed ‘blissful.’ Ortiz got the word right and then spelled ‘agreeable’ to win the event.

McClelland ended up second, followed by sixth-grader Luke Bowman in third, fifth-grader Shannon Harris in fourth and second-grader Emily Gallup in fifth. Fourth-grader Miriam Lopez and eighth-grader Matt Trotter also competed.

With the victory, Ortiz will represent Grand Canyon in the Coconino County Spelling Bee. If he cannot participate, McClelland would go in his place as alternate.

Ortiz and McClelland dueled to the end for first-place honors. After Harris and Bowman went out in the fourth round, Ortiz and McClelland followed by getting their words right in the next two rounds.

In round seven, Ortiz spelled ‘platform’ and McClelland missed on ‘stovepipe.’ Ortiz then spelled that same word correctly but missed on ‘angels’ in an attempt to win. McClelland then missed ‘angels.’

The two started all over in round nine, both spelling their words correctly. In round 10, Ortiz spelled ‘mellow’ and McClelland missed ‘blissful.’ Ortiz then spelled ‘blissful’ and ‘agreeable’ to win.

The event was coordinated by librarian Nancy Green. Principal Richard Dodson, board member Tom Pittenger and school ranger Ronnie Gibson served as judges. Judi Beckerleg looked up words in a dictionary, if meanings were requested.

Grand Canyon

Spelling Bee

Top Five Finishers

Place Student Grade

1st Bernie Ortiz 3rd

2nd Scott McClelland 7th

3rd Luke Bowman 6th

4th Shannon Harris 5th

5th Emily Gallup 2nd

Classroom Champions

and Alternates

Grade Student

2nd Emily Gallup, champion

Heather Torivio, alternate

3rd Bernie Ortiz, champion

Heather Kerr, alternate

4th Miriam Lopez, champion

Madison Berry, alternate

5th Shannon Harris, champion

Jesse Hamblen, alternate

6th Luke Bowman, champion

Harrick Bia, alternate

7th Scott McClelland, champion

Hannah Littleboy, alternate

8th Matt Trotter, champion

Dominique Dollente, alternate

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