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Mon, Feb. 17

<center>Letters to the Editor</center>

Impressed with American spirit

In spite of the horrendous attack on the United States Sept. 11, the people of Williams reacted in true patriotic form. Everywhere I looked during Railroad Days, there was ample evidence of feelings and support for the thousands killed and for our country in the days ahead. I am very proud to be an American, and the outpouring of sentiment in Williams just reinforced these feelings.

With the true American spirit of not caving in to such a cowardly attack, Railroad Days went ahead as scheduled with some minor modifications. People constantly visited our museum booth, and their support is very much appreciated.

Particularly pleasing is that we have two new shareholders (donations of $1,000). Dr. James and Mary Wurgler and Bob and Marguerite Dean stepped up and became the museum’s newest members.

To me, this is community involvement and support in one of its finest forms. The museum will bring considerable benefits to the community and the faith of our shareholders in the project is evidence of their commitment.

Throughout Sept. 15 and 16, we received many other donations at all levels and these are also very much appreciated. Every bit helps. The tally is not yet complete for the quilt raffle, run by the chamber of commerce, but we believe it will top $1,000. Stay tuned for those results.

To all of you who participated in helping to make the museum a reality, thank you. We will be pleased to hear from anyone else who wants to help bring the museum to Williams.

Al Richmond, president

Arizona State Railroad

Museum Foundation

Takes effort to track down flags

When the terrorists hit the United States on Sept. 11, the City of Williams called upon the local American Legion Post No. 13 to see if it could fly the flags in town for 30 days. I got together with city officials and the Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce. We decided to work together with the city business people regarding the care of flags during the nighttime. They agreed to bring them in every night if not properly illuminated.

After we agreed to work together, Adjutant Perico got help right away from Jack Honanie, Dan Garcia and Ben Fernandez to put the flags up.

Well, the rest of the story … For a small town likes Williams, we have our problem — the battle of the flags. In a few days, I started to get phone calls about the flags flying at night with no lights. We had all agreed each business would help each other take care of them.

Well, as the days went by, it got worse. Some businesses would call that their flag was missing. I would go check it out, and I would find it and bring it back to them. In the next few days, it would be missing again. I went into the business place around noon and said to the ladies your flag is gone again.

One answered, “Oh no, sir! It’s over there in the corner inside. I’ve been too busy to put it outside.”

I got another call about a flag missing from a restaurant and checked it out. I found the flag in the kitchen having lunch.

Yet another call, one missing again. I found it down the street in front of another business. The people there wanted one in front of their business, too.

So Perico Mason goes on another case. This one took the prize, the walking flag at Circle K. So far two times the flag has disappeared. I check in the store, no flag. I ask the lady about the flag. She answered, “What flag?” Anyway, the next day the flag is back waving.

“Oh, I remember now,” the lady said. “It was walking down the street the other day.”

I said thank you.

Oh, by the way, we only have 55 flags, which belong to the business places that pay every year. We are working to get more for new businesses.

Anyway every day I go down the street and make sure the flags are accounted for.

I think I gave somebody two candles. He asked, “What are the candles for?” I answered, “In case the lights go out, then you can light them so you can watch TV.”

God bless America and Williams.

Perico Avila


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