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Tue, Feb. 18


Where were you during the series?

The number of people in Arizona who were glued to their television sets on Sunday night must have been enormous. And for many of those, there probably were a few moments where they held breaths in anticipation of the outcome of the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Diamondbacks. The question whether the four-year-old expansion team could tackle the three-year world champions, lingered until the seventh game of the World Series. Then the Diamondbacks showed their true colors and took the game in the bottom of the ninth inning, after trailing 2 to 1. Anyone who watched knows the series will be written into the history books as one of the most memorable in all of baseball. It is America’s pastime.

Phones at schools — not good enough

How long do the parents of students at Williams Elementary/Middle School have to put up with the inferior phone system at the school? How many times do they have to call only to hear it ring forever or get the recording “If you’d like to make a long distance call…”?

The problems with the school’s phone extend to the high school and the district office and have been an issue for more than a year. The Williams-Grand Canyon News knows the school district has been working on the problem. However, after a year of inconsistent performance the News feels it’s time someone figured out exactly what the problem is and fix it. Parents need to have access to lines of communication to their children when they are at school.

Western auction — good fun, great cause

The Williams Rotary Club’s Western auction is a wonderful and fun way to raise money. In this case, all profits go towards scholarships for local high school seniors heading off to college.

The evening started out with a grilled T-bone steak dinner with all the fixings. After dinner, people had a chance to win one of 50 donated prizes for a quarter or fifty cents. Then during the middle of the evening, there was a live auction of larger dollar items going to the highest bidder. This year’s dinner/auction raised more than $4,000, which is down from last year’s total of $5,500, but is still a substantial amount for one evening of work.

Don't give store clerks grief

Being a convenient store clerk in Williams is generally less stressful than the same job in large cities where hired help frequently find themselves victimized by robbery.

However, recently a local convenient store clerk was threatened for refusing to serve alcohol to an intoxicated customer. The threats weren’t acted upon. The man got angry and left when the clerk wouldn’t step outside to settle the matter.

Still, no one should have to face this kind of harassment while simply doing his or her job.

Gas prices continue to drop

AAA Arizona reports good news for motorists preparing to travel by automobile in the upcoming weeks: compared to November of 2000, gasoline prices have significantly dropped, almost 29 cents, from $1.636 to $1.351 per gallon. According to AAA Arizona’s Weekly Fuel Report, the statewide average price fell 2 cents since last week but still remains more than 10 cents higher than the national average of $1.250 per gallon.

In Williams on Tuesday, unleaded gas ranged from $1.359 to $1.799 per gallon.

The nationwide average price for self-serve regular unleaded fuel has dropped to its lowest level since August 1999 when the average price was $1.255 per gallon.

Falling fuel prices nationwide still remain consistent with growing crude oil and gasoline inventories. The current price of crude oil is stuck at near $22 per barrel and if inventories continue to grow, lower pump prices can be expected through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Don’t leave your tracks in the woods

Williams area residents are fortunate to have lakes, hiking trails and gorgeous vistas within minutes of their homes. Numerous trails in the area, ranging from easy to strenuous, put an abundance of ponderosa pines and forest wildlife at our fingertips. However, all too often humans leave debris behind them in the form of discarded beer cans, soda cans, cigarette butts and other refuse.

Let’s try to appreciate how blessed we are to have the surroundings we do by leaving them unscathed when we enjoy them.

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