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Sun, Nov. 29

Elephant Rocksbegins 12th season

Nice weather over the past couple of weeks did wonders for Elephant Rocks Golf Course.

Although it's become a tradition for Williams to get hit with snow the week the golf course opens, the weather appeared to be bucking the trend this year. The old nine holes opened Saturday and the entire 18-hole course is expected to be ready possibly by today.

Veteran Elephant Rocks golf pro John McCahan said the wet winter helped the course.

"It's really going to help the (new) nine, really everything," McCahan said. "There was a lot of moisture in the ground, which means the grass will come back quicker and stronger."

Elephant Rocks' first full season with the 18 holes was last year. The new nine had some rough spots.

"The dry winter (in 1999-2000) beat it up a little bit," McCahan said. "It was hardly dry at all this year."

Financially, Elephant Rocks appears to be in great shape. The club broke all income records last year, but it was the first year of the full 18.

"This will be the first year to compare things with," McCahan said. "It seems like everybody's happy with things."

That includes the local contingent of golfers.

"When we opened the nine this week (last Saturday), they were just happy to be out playing," McCahan said. "Having a real nice week of weather, it dried things out pretty quick."

Elephant Rocks appears to have a busy summer ahead. There are more tournaments than ever scheduled, along with many groups from elsewhere reserving spots.

"That's a great problem to have," McCahan said. "But things are easier to do with the 18. We're getting more people who want to come."

The Williams High School golf team will be using the course as well and will host the region championship.

The first local tournament will be May 6 in a benefit for youth football and Little League. McCahan said the SkyJacks will hold its tournament at Elephant Rocks for the first time ever this year. There will also be a tournament during the Hog Rally this summer.

Elephant Rocks' rates remain the same. On weekends, it's $39, which includes a cart. Weekdays, it's $24 to walk and $34 to ride.

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