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Sat, May 30

Cowpunchers return Aug. 3 for reunion, rodeo

“These are all very large uncooperative bovines, who do their best to make the mugger and milker’s job as miserable as possible,” she said. “We all know that a mad Bessie does not let her milk down.”

The Ribbon Roping consists of a man and woman team — the man being the roper and the woman the runner. The calf must be roped, the ribbon pulled and the rope off the calf before the runner crosses the line.

“The Saddle Bronc Riding must be done in an everyday stock saddle, which is always a challenge,” Cook said. “But these boys do this in their everyday work life.”

The team ropers are classed by age and sex and includes an all-girl category.

“A few dedicated rope-aholics have tried to get in, but they have quickly been caught and stopped,” she said. “Their wigs and makeup couldn’t hold up under the strain.”

Then comes the 12 and under event, which requires one of the ropers to be 12 years old or younger in order to compete.

“These kids are just as good as some of the older folks,” Cook said. “In the 16 and under mixed Roping, one roper, male or female, must be 16 or under, or a female.

“Then you have the century — both ages must add up to a 100 years old.

In the both ends over 60 event, each participant needs to be at least 60 years old.

“That is that not 59 but 60, male or female,” Cook

The last roping event is Team Tying.

“Both ropers can be male, of any age, but you would be surprised there are several women who participate in the event also,” she said. “The team must rope the steer and then the header must get off his horse and tie the steer’s hind legs together.

“The risks in this events are high because you have a horse added into the equation that is on his own hook, and sometimes that horse forgets its manners and training.”

That leaves the Dally Calf Roping.

“It’s done like the pro’s but with one difference,” Cook said. “The rope cannot be tied to the saddle horn.

“It is amazing to watch these cowboys and their horses work together.”

During this three-day event, there are other events going on at the same time. The kids participate in the Gymkhana on Saturday morning. The Dummy Roping, also held on Saturday at 11 a.m., is for all kids and is even open to those who are not members.

Dances take place both Friday and Saturday night to 3 of a Kind in the blue barn starting at 9 p.m. Saturday night will be the Calcutta auction held under the canopy at the blue burn at 7:30. There will be church services held on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in the blue barn.

Benefit event

Wild Cow Riding will be a special event held this year in order to benefit both the Arizona Cowpuncher’s Scholarship Organization and the Arizona Cowpuncher’s Crisis Fund. Past ACRA President Mike Oden will be bringing 18 head of Freeman cows, and he is looking for members to ride these cows.

“These cows are definitely not Betsy the milk cow,” Cook said. “The boys even requested that Oden have a separate pen for these cows so they don’t get hooked over the fence early every morning when they are sorting calves off of cows for the ribbon roping and calf roping.”

Six cows will be turned out each day of the performance, and the winner will get a Bill Owen Print, donated just for this event.

For more information, call Cook at 928-636-9526.

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