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Fri, Jan. 24

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Sees our local thrust as a boon

I don’t intend to knock on the Flagstaff Daily Sun. Rather my observations are purely meant as a positive comparison in noting our Williams-Grand Canyon News is superior in reporting local news and highlighting the activities of our community. In one weekly edition I glean significantly more and varied information on the who, what, where and whens of our community then in a weektoweek comparative from my year subscription of the Sun regarding the Flagstaff community. Knowing how limited your staff is, your work is exemplary and should be recognized and congratulated.

I would hate to lose this invaluable resource to our community. However my business and marketing plan doesn’t require or utilize printed or local media.

Have you considered creating a “Friends of WGCN” section; whereby local businesses and/or community members could weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually purchase a business card size ad to support the great work you do as our community voice?

Another thought I would ask you to consider is creating a front page box titled “What’s right with Williams!” And, maybe rotate in once a month: “What’s right with Williams youth!” Community members could submit a paragraph for consideration along with your own accounts.

I witnessed one of those rare behind the scene glimpses, a great example of what is right with our community. As a result of coordinated efforts of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Williams Police Department, including a dispatcher and Officer Mike Russell, an African-American mother and her three children learned the meaning compassionate care. They coordinated providing, through our local churches, some immediate housing and economic relief. It was inspirational watching the humanity displayed by all those involved. It won’t show up on a police blotter, but this was public service at its finest.

The News, the WPD, DPS, Officer Russell, and our community church/relief groups: That’s what’s right with Williams!

Mike Morgan


Urges support of ski area expansion

I have heard the arguments put forth by a small but loud group of people opposed to the Williams Ski Area development. These arguments are almost wholly false, based on emotion and untrue “facts.”

I remember a full-page ad in the Williams-Grand Canyon News denouncing the greed and the destruction of the “sacred mountain” of the Hopi. There is about as much greed involved in the ski area as there was in the construction of the golf course or the houses these people live in. The San Francisco Peaks are the sacred mountains of the Hopi. They didn’t seem to mind that development. The truth is that there are sites on Bill Williams Mountain where the Hopi carry out rituals and collect plants. These sites always have been identified and protected. They were not opposed to the ski area until they were told by nonHopis to be so.

Another argument is that it will destroy the mountain. The fact stated in the Environmental Impact Statement is that it would enhance habitat for elk, turkey and deer. It would bring rodents out in the open where they could be hunted by hawks and owls. All wildlife would take advantage of the snow making reservoirs.

Were these people all sleeping, last summer when Kendrick Mountain burned to the ground? That was destruction. Bill Williams Mountain is in the same situation. A ski run on the mountain would effectively act as a firebreak the firefighters could use as well as the snow making reservoirs.

The argument that a ski area would ruin the aesthetic view of the mountain is also untrue. Very little of the runs will be visible, one, owing to the terrain and the designs using that terrain in a way that keeps runs hidden. The other is that you can only see a ski run when it has snow, otherwise it is just another shade of green that would not be distinguished as a ski run. I have skied from the top of Bill Williams and at very few places is town visible. The trees and brush are so thick that there is no room for large animals. It is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

I have had the great opportunity and pleasure to be able to teach my kids to ski at the Williams Ski Area and have enjoyed many happy days with my family skiing. The ski area could be a huge asset to every person in the community. I have to believe that the people opposed to it do not know what a ski area is or the impact it will have.

I believe the city should join as a partner and the Forest Service officials should get off their duffs and make a decision. And quit letting this small group of loud people bully them around.

Daniel W. Demoret


Warns retirees

about AZ benefits

If you are a retiree under the Arizona State Retirement System, and are very unhappy with Pacificare Health Insurance, your state legislators need to hear from you by letter and not a phone call. They need to know ASAP not six months from now!

Also, it might be to your advantage to contact other insurers and see if they can do something about your problem. I have and I did!

I checked with Williams Health Care Center and was informed that they have not received any payments for January or so far in February from Pacificare. The Center is not happy with them either, needless to say.

T.R. “Dusty” Adams


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