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Tue, April 07

Drivers, use caution on Second Street

Although the legal documents are still in the works, it looks like the Grand Canyon Hotel, 134 W. Route 66, is set to sell.

Recently, large containers were place alongside the building for the property owner to remove her belongings, said Jason Moore, City of Williams fire marshal, city code officer and assistant building inspector.

“Workers are currently removing Frances Reuters personal possessions,” he said. “This is so they can begin the interior demolition on the building.”

Moore cautioned people to take extra care when traveling in the area because of the receptacles. He said eventually Second Street, between Route 66 and the alley, will have to be closed.

“They’re going to put 40,000 gallon containers in the road and throw stuff from the second floor,” Moore said.

Moore said the city has been trying to get Reuter to fix up the buildings she owns for years. He said over the last year, the pursuit for change was intensified.

“The building has been vacant since the early ‘80s — I have abatements back to 1987,” Moore said. “Under the adoption of chapter six and seven of Williams City code, dealing with abatement of dangerous buildings, the City of Williams will no longer tolerate abandoned, derelict buildings or rental homes and slum landlords.”

Moore said an abatement notice was delivered to Reuter on March 7, 2000, which was returned March 24. At this point, Moore cited Reuter for public nuisance including violations of the pigeon ordinance, abandoned building, litter controls, building exterior unmaintained and land/fire hazards.

Reuter did show up for court and pled guilty to all of the above charges. According to public records she was fined $7,500. Since then, Reuter has been negotiating with Manfred and Irena Weiher to buy the building.

Reuter also owns Fashion Square Apartments, 134 W. Route 66, the Carriage House, directly behind the hotel and La Pinata Hotel, across the street from the Carriage House. She also owns the old elementary school on Sheridan Avenue – all of which are currently vacant.

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