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Tue, Feb. 18

This Week at the Canyon

Ranger Programs

The National Park Service presents a variety of ranger-guided activities during the day and evening. Check the park's official publication The Guide for a complete listing.

Evening Programs take place each night at 7:30 p.m. in the Shrine of the Ages auditorium.

Ranger's Choice programs have finished for the season.

Topics listed below are subject to change. To verify on a daily basis, call 638-7888 and press 1-3-2-7-3 for Evening Programs.

Evening Programs

Tonight: Stew Fritts presents "Nevermore," a program about ravens in literature, science and legend.

Thursday: Keith Green presents "Stories of Phantom Ranch," a story-telling program.

Friday: Richard Ullmann presents "Gee, This Place Is Just Like Disneyland," a comparison of the two parks.

Saturday: Jon Sudar presents "Because It's There," a program about the Grand Canyon experience.

Sunday: Mike Weaver presents "From River to Rim," a program about human development of Grand Canyon.

Monday: Phyllis Yoyetewa presents "The Hopi Connection," a program about the traditional links between Hopi culture and the Canyon.

Tuesday: Randy Waltrip presents "Earthsong," a program about what makes Grand Canyon special.

March 8: Jim Heywood presents "How the Grand Canyon Came to Be," a program about the Grand Canyon's geology.

March 9: Allyson Mathis scheduled to present a program on Grand Canyon geology.

March 10: Jon Sudar presents "Because It's There," a program about the Grand Canyon experience.

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