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The scars of war: Local veteran transitions into civilian life after Afghanistan War

He was older —much older than most of the men on the small base in the mountains of Afghanistan. His men affectionately thought of him as the grandpa of the base and at 49, Michael Rioux was the oldest man in the unit.

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Man shoots at Williams police, suspect in custody

On Nov. 28 law enforcement took a suicidal suspect into custody after he fired multiple rounds at them.

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Roger Ely recalls how ‘the world changed rapidly’ in Vietnam

In 1966, Roger Ely was 18 years old and was headed to college on a wrestling scholarship when, out of a sense of duty, he asked his uncle to drive him to the recruiter’s office where he joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Shortly thereafter, he found himself on his way to Vietnam.

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Korea, a war not to be forgotten: Charles Richard Allen, Williams resident, remembers

By 1950, WWII had been over for five years and the United States and countries around the world were still rebuilding — the last thing they wanted was to fight another war.

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Memories of a Williams WWII veteran: Walter Olmsted

Looking at Walter you might guess he’s around 60 years old, so when he told me he just celebrated his 95th birthday my jaw hit the floor. His energy is contagious and you just can’t help smiling after spending any amount of time with him. Walter Olmsted Jr. was born in upstate New York on Sept. 22, 1922.

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Williams Lady Vikes head to regional playoffs

Williams Lady Vikes volleyball head to regional playoffs.

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Horse stalls at Rodeo Grounds get upgrades and new corrals

For more than 30 years the city of Williams has offered boarding for large animals at Port-A-Stall, located at the Williams Rodeo Grounds.

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Repaving project on I-40 from Devil Dog Road to Williams nearly complete

FANN Construction is nearly finished with a repaving project on I-40 west of Williams and they’re proud to say they’ve re-built the road to withstand extreme weather conditions common to northern Arizona.

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Williams police to test gun mounted cameras

When police officers draw their weapons, they must decide within seconds how they’re going to use that weapon. It’s a judgement call and a huge responsibility.

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Pizza Factory celebrates 20 years, kicks off No Bully Zone and No Kid Hungry initiatives

Walk down Route 66 in downtown Williams and an aroma of smells will greet you, including that of fresh baked pizza and calzones.

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